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Con-Treat is your ultimate one stop concrete shop, offering you the convenience of supplying all your needs from the beginning of your project, to the final finished floor for total concrete protection. Con-Treat has all the products & equipment you need to get the job done, on time & on budget. From concrete waterproofing & curing , to concrete grinders, polishers, Epoxy Floor Paint  & sealers, we have you covered! For more information visit our website.


Con-Treat: A Real Expert of Flooring Products and Equipments

6 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Floor Coatings

July 7, 2016

The most important part of any building or floor is concrete. But this is also a fact that concrete can also become dusty, cracked and damaged. So this is obvious you need some chemical or waterproofing products to cure your concrete from all types of damaging factors including water also. Choosing the perfect Concrete Curing products or coating for construction and maintenance can be a complex job and also be dangerous if right products are not considered vigilantly.

So following are some of the things you should consider before choosing the right floor coatings or products:

Acquire Full Working Essentials of Concrete Floorings: Concrete becomes more tough and strong when cement, water and sand or gravel is added in it. Addition of these materials makes concrete appropriate for numerous construction applications. So if you know the right composition of concrete then it can be useful in forecasting the conduct of floor coating when applied.

Choose the Appropriate Coatings:  Every coatings product has different characteristics, so always choose coatings   which have effective resistance and easier to maintain. Epoxy Floor paints offer significant protection, waterproofing and stain resistance and also can be used for both high gloss and satin finishes.

Always Consult an Expert of Flooring Services:  Consulting professional contractors is the best way to make your floor installation successful. These experts know exactly how to execute things. They make you job easy and always gives the best suggests and way outs. They will also help you in choosing the right products.

Identify the Weaknesses of Concrete: Concrete is durable, but it is highly porous in nature. It can crack and break. So if you know the weaknesses you will be able to choose right flooring coating products and equipments i.e Grinding Wheels or Floor Sanders for its safety, repair and maintenance.

Categorize the Main Concerns or Factors:  Always identify that what is the main concern of your project and choose type of coating accordingly.  Type of coating can be different for lobby and it is different for garages or different for entrance hall.

Evaluate Surface Conditions: You should always inspect surface condition before installing. If surface is in bad condition i.e. damaged, filthy or broken then you should repair it and clean it at first place. It is necessary because it can create problem in adhesion in a great way and by removing all these factors we can enhance the adhesion effectively.

So, from the above points we can conclude that flooring products are very helpful and useful for your concrete, it increases the life of your concrete all you need is to consider some of the thing which can help you in choosing right product for your project. If you find any confusion or doubt at any point of time, always pick a professional shop which can guide you with right products and equipments that you can use in domestic or commercial project. By using these products you can stop and shut the cracks, enhance the coating adhesion and resistance power of Floor. Hire a right professional services and Choose right flooring products .

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Stop your floor from being one of the 85% of moisture related failures...

June 16, 2016

According to the Building Services Authority, 85% of flooring failures are due to the presence of moisture in the concrete from hydro-static pressure or green concrete. It is a common myth that concrete is dry as soon as it can be walked on...

  • The BSA is inundated with countless claims of timber and vinyl floors that have failed
  • A majority of these floors have failed due to either wet/green concrete or hydro‐static pressure
  • A majority of floors are never moisture tested, (a very quick and easy test)
  • To conform to the Australian standard (AS 1884‐1985), concrete must have a reading of no greater than 75% relative humidity.
  • As a general rule of thumb, concrete dries at approximately 20‐25mm per month in an average environment
  • An average slab of 100mm thick can take 4‐5 months of drying time before it will conform to Australian Standards.
  • Concrete is like a sponge and will continue to absorb water if present
  • If concrete is exposed to rain, locked up in a building or has a curing agent applied, this will further increase the drying time.
  • A higher relative humidity will slow drying times even further.

Hydro-static pressure should be a major concern for contractors as it comes from underneath the concrete and moves its way through the capillary voids in the matrix of the concrete. Once a floor has been installed, it will draw any moisture present in the concrete to the surface and if there is no means of escape will react with, and break down the bond of the subsequent coating. Hydro-static pressure can come from things such as a hidden spring running underground, high water tables or low lying flood land and is generally not noticeable without moisture testing.

The only way to deal with either of these problems is to use a moisture barrier. For a few extra dollars you can protect your valuable floors from costly failures due to moisture.

Moisture barriers have come a long way in recent years and have become very cost effective. Gone are the days of 2 part epoxy membranes that require 2-3 days for installation and a self-levelling topping over them to smooth the surface. (A very expensive exercise which will cost up to $50-$60 per m2)

DuraCore's Moisture Proof is poured directly on to the concrete, penetrating deeply into the matrix and forming an internal permanent moisture barrier.

  • Easy application, pour and broom
  • Moisture Proof is suitable for new or existing concrete.
  • Can be applied at time of pour for a superior cure
  • Minimal down time, trafficable within 1 hour
  • Lay floor coverings in 24 hours or in as little as 14 days from time of pour (as opposed to 28 days with traditional moisture barriers)
  • Install for as little as $4.50 m2, saving valuable time and money
  • Moisture Proof can be adhered to directly without the need for self leveling compounds.
  • Compatible with all brands of glue, self leveling compounds, epoxy etc
  • Permanent concrete waterproofing / moisture barrier that withstands hydrostatic pressure.
  • User friendly, non‐toxic, non‐flammable, zero VOC, environmentally safe and odorless

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Con-Treat- Leading Supplier of Flooring Industry

May 6, 2016

If you are looking for the best one stop flooring shop, which delivers from beginning to the final finished floor and supplies all you need for your project then Con-Treat is a perfect choice for you. Con-Treat provides you all the products and tools which you want, to accomplish your work on time and within your budget limit. Con-Treat offer everything may it be Waterproofing and Concrete Curing, concrete sealers, Epoxy coatings, surface preparation equipment and So much more. If concrete is mixed with accurate waterproofing protection and great quality polisher, it could be an adjustable and modern flooring solution.

If you’re searching for the perfect Diamond Grinding Wheels tools for your forthcoming project then picking right grinding tools is the most significant decision, if you made the wrong choice, your project is finished right there. If you want to make your project physically tougher and long lasting, you can use Con-Treat wide range of diamond grinding tools that are best. There range has specially made to allow for rapid cutting and gives longer life span to your diamond grinding wheels and that too with ultimate finish. They have also made free guide from which you can select right diamond tools for your project.

Con-Treat also provides the Epoxy floor paint and concrete coatings, these floor paints gives beautiful and appealing appearance to floors and also increases there life. Con-Treat has a wide range of Epoxy floor paint and concrete coatings which are durable and reasonable. There concrete coatings and epoxy paint provides protection, waterproofing, stain resistance and can be applied in both high gloss or satin finishes.

These products are appropriate for:-

  • Large retail outlets
  • Factories
  • Showrooms
  • Domestic projects and more

To know more about the different coatings available at Con-Treat, contact their helpful and friendly staff. They will help you in finding the right coating for your job.

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July 22, 2015

Con-Treat is in the flooring business for 17 years. They Supply every single thing which is needed to complete your project from the very start till the end. Con-treat will deliver services on time and on budget. Everything is available under one roof may it be waterproofing, Epoxy Floor Paint, Concrete curing, grinding & polishing, decorative coatings and concrete sealers. Their company offers the best products, services and equipment to their customers.


Con-treat has the collection of full range Dura Core products, these products are the most technically advanced systems for concrete repair, moisture proofing and protection treatments. They have the best Coloured Concrete Sealers range, moisture meters and moisture barrier. Dura Core products are made in Australia and designed to save your time and money. The Densi Crete will cure and seal, waterproof, eradicate dust and cracks.

Con-Treat values your time and understands that unnecessary delays in work can be a cause of frustration. So they have made so easy for their customers, now they have stock all the accessories needed to make sure a successful installation. They have brushes, rollers, respirators, spiked shoes, concrete dyes, tints and so much more. All you need is to make one phone call and all your goods and products will be ready to collect or if you want they can freight it to your door steps, which will save your time and energy.


If you need equipment for big projects, Con-Treat has the stock of right kind of equipment i.e. airless spray machines, surface grinders, diamond tools, dustless vacuum systems, and Floor Sander. All their equipment are of top class quality and they take care that your projects runs successfully and efficiently without wasting your time and money.


Con-treat main intention is to provide great service along with the great products and equipment. They will offer friendly and warm services to their each customer. All your queries and doubts will be answered within the same day. They keep the follow up with their customers to make sure that their customers are happy with Con-treat products and are always available to give advice and suggestions on their products. Share your views regarding Con-treat services.

For more information visit website.